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5 Inexpensive Marketing Ideas for Asphalt Contractors

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JasonJanuary 29, 2019

While obviously, we are big fans of using internet marketing to help grow your paving business. There a lot of low-cost ways to market your company. Here are some tips we have picked up from other business owners.

1. Mark all your equipment

While this might seem like a no-brainer, we run across companies all the time who don’t have their brand identity on all of their equipment. Yes, your skid steers, rollers, trucks, trailers etc should have at minimum, your logo, phone number and website on it. Driving to and from job sites your equipment is a rolling billboard.

2. Nearest Neighbor

If you do a lot of residential work, this one is for you. When you complete a job, place a door hanger on the 5 houses to the right and left of the job you just completed. You just introduced your company to 10 different people and they can quickly see the quality work that your company does.

3. Stake your Claim

This is good for residential work and parking lots. If most of your jobs take a couple of days, then place a couple of yards signs around the project. Just be sure to remove them when the project is complete. If you have to rope off areas to let seal coat cure make sure to include a small sign with your company contact information and the date when people can drive/walk on your work.

4. Refer a Friend

As you know referrals are the best way to build a business. With referrals, most of the preselling has been done by your previous customer. They should be rewarded for their efforts and loyalty to your company. You can reward them with a $20 gift card to Starbucks or a local restaurant. Whatever you choose as the reward make sure you market the program. You can include a short blurb in your email/printed newsletter, your email signature on invoices or any other written or verbal correspondence with a client.

5. Sponsorship of local schools and PTA.

As a parent of 2 elementary age children, my wife and I try to support the small business who help support our kids’ school. Small donations of $100 or less can get you exposure on the school’s website and at any special events. Most of the time these donations are tax deductible too. The key is to sponsor schools in the neighborhoods you want to do work in.