Why work with us?

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This is a fair question. There are a lot of internet marketing firms, some great ones and some well… they have a great sales teams. Choosing the one which best fits your company and your needs is a daunting task. Our companies might not be a great fit and we are ok with this. We would rather find this out early on and part ways on good terms, then to try and smash a round peg into a square hole. Availability – While our office hours are 9-5, we answer the phone at night and on weekends. We know that small business owners are working no stop and we try to be there answer any questions or address any concerns you might have. We Don’t Over Sell or Over Promise – After doing this for over 7 years our experience helps us set realistic expectations for clients.  About 30% of the business owners we meet with don’t need our services and we tell them that. Working with you we set clear measurable goals with timelines attached. No Contracts – let’s face it contracts suck. If we don’t deliver, then why should you be forced to stick around. No one wins. If our services align with your goals, we believe that our performance will make it an easy choice for you to keep using our services. Measurable Results –A lot of internet marketing companies talk about traffic, rankings, cost per click and some other jargon that doesn’t translate to helping your bottom line. While we worry about those things, our top priority helping you to get new clients. Our conversations are about what your client acquisition costs are and how we can lower the cost. We also talk about ways to increase the lifetime value of your clients. Transparency – This term gets thrown around a lot, but we really try our best to explain and to show the work we have done to help increase your companies online presence. Exclusivity – We don’t work with your competitor, that would be like dating 2 people at the same time. We only work with one company from one industry per metro area. We Are Small – You will never be asked for your customer/account#. We are small and we know our clients by their name, not some long account number. You Are Serious and So Are – We take our company and client very seriously.  We work with business owners that want to run a good business and provide value for their customers.

What We Look for in a Client

As mentioned before we might not be a good fit for your business. Here are some things we look at before choosing to partner with a company. Clear Sales Process – Your company has a well-defined sales process. Unlike referral business, internet traffic needs to be nurtured along a sales process. Even the hottest internet prospect is much colder than a cold referral. Your company needs to have a clear sales funnel to convert cold prospects into paying customers. Lead Expectations – As much as we wish we could provide you with the next 8-9 figure civic contract or major subdivision infrastructure build-out, the truth of the matter is we are really good at getting the “smaller jobs”. We can provide a good mix of homeowners, strip malls and/or property manager leads calling you. Silver Bullet – Internet marketing does work and when done correctly it can keep your phone ringing. However, internet marketing by itself is not a silver bullet which is going turn a failing company into an overnight success. Realistic Budget – Being very blunt, we work with companies that spend $750-$6,000 a month on marketing. If your budget is below that, then internet marketing is not a fit for you. There are some other great ways to market you company which will fit your budget. Please read this article.

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