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Why Need Secure Website Even If You Don’t Take Credit Cards

Google’s Chrome browser will mark non-HTTPS sites as "not secure" and ruin user interaction with non-secure sites.
Image of person pointing to an address bar in Chrome, which has SSL aka https

July is turning out to be a big month for Google. The speed update is set to become a ranking factor in July. Also, in July the latest version of Chrome version 68  will mark all sites that have not migrated to HTTPS as “not secure.”

Users updating to Chrome 68 will start seeing the image below when they visit a site which does not have SSL implemented. 

Image the new Chrome HTTP warning

And is this is enough, future versions of Chrome are going to mark the “Not secure” in bright red:HTTP warning in Chrome's address bar.

Why this is a Big Deal for Small Business

Google is pushing to secure the web, which is a good thing. Chrome has a 48.45% market share, the leading browser in the US according to Statcounter. While your site might not process credit card payments or even collect personal data, the user perception is why its imperative that you update your site to SSL. This bright red warning sign pops up when someone visit your site, there is very good chance the user is going to press the back button in a New York minute, never giving you a chance to tell why your business is the best in town.

What is HTTPS?

The “S” in the HTTPS means the website is using an SSL certificate to deliver content. It’s simply the Web’s mechanism for securing data in transit.

Why do I need an SSL certificate?

The information traveling between the browser and the server remains in plain text and third party or hackers can easily intercept the information. To avoid this hurdle, SSL can be a helpful protocol that encrypts ongoing information between two endpoints like the browser and the server hence; the third party cannot sniff the data. Thus, if you are online business owner then, your website must have SSL to protect sensitive information of clients and customers.

What is the Green Padlock?

SSL padlock is a symbol of security that appears in browsers when a user visits SSL secured website. Once a user click on the padlock, he/she can view the certificate information.

Is it hard to fix?

Moving a site to SSL isn’t rocket science, but it is something most people can’t and shouldn’t do. A couple wrong clicks here or there and the entire site can come down. In most instances can convert a site in a couple of hours. In extreme cases it can take a little over a day.

Will it hurt my website visibility?

If you do not convert to SSL, yes there is a good chance your website’s visibility will decrease.

If I convert to SSL will it hurt my website’s visibility

There might be a small drop in rankings for a short while (1-2 weeks) while Google reindexes your site. However, after the 2 week window we have seen some minor increases in ranks for our clients.

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